5 Ways Texting Tools Can Improve Your Business Operations

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March 3, 2023

Companies both large and small are constantly grappling with the best way to communicate with and manage their teams. Between email, apps like slack, and collaborative platforms like Google Docs, it’s easy for communications to get muddied, or worse, lost. Which is why tools like RingCentral, TextMagic, and Dispatchr utilize texting to capitalize on the most direct and effective ways to communicate with your team: their cell phone. Here are some ways a texting tool can improve your business:

1. Help you scale

There are a few ways that texting tools can help you scale your team. Streamlined communication makes people more efficient. Your crew wont be digging through hundreds of emails, or having to log in to a third party app. The information they need is right where they can find it, in their text messages, making it easy for them to get the job done.

Using tools that utilize the teams cell phones can also help you scale because it means they won’t need as much training. With less training, team members can onboard and ramp up that much faster, bringing value to your organization quicker.

2. Cut your costs

Using tools that operate within text messages means that your team already has, or you’ve already provided, the device needed to operate it. Be sure to look closely at pricing models, though. The cost of licenses of some softwares can add up, depending on things like number of seats you need or various permission levels. With Dispatchr, you don’t need to continually add seats for team members, only admins, so you won’t need to reach out to add team members and adjust pricing over and over again as you grow.

3. Maintain open and direct communication

It's quick and easy to send a text message, and many people are more likely to respond to a text than an email or phone call. This can be especially useful for businesses that need to communicate time-sensitive information or updates. Messages and communications aren’t lost into the ether. Send your team the info they need right to their pocket, and they’ll get right back to you.

4. Empower your team

When team members feel comfortable using the tools they are given, they do better work! By providing your employees with a texting tool, you can give them the ability to communicate quickly and easily with you and the rest of the team. This can help to improve efficiency and productivity, as well as provide a better user experience which boosts morale.

5. Simplify your processes

By using a texting tool to automate these processes, you can save time and resources, and free up your team to focus on other tasks. Texting tools store all the data in one place where you can find, track, and sometimes even report on what you need.

Overall, there are many ways that texting tools can improve your business. Consider incorporating a texting tool into your business operations to see how it can help you grow and succeed. For more information on how Dispatchr could benefit your team, schedule a demo today!