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August 4, 2022
Dispatchr dashboard and mobile view for worker

When creating Dispatchr, we sought to create a tool that would help teams create, send, and track jobs easily. In this post we’re going to highlight some ways Dispatchr does that, and help your team get it done!

Easy Implementation

Dispatchr isn’t a tool you need to make a big announcement at your weekly meeting or schedule a company wide training for. All you need to get started is your list of contacts (with their phone numbers) and work that needs to get done!

For the account owner to get going, the first thing you need to do is add your contacts to the Contact Directory. Once that’s done, you’re ready to start sending dispatches! To build a dispatch, assign the contact, create their jobs, and fire away. From there, watch as the completed jobs roll in on the Dashboard or in the Job Archive in real time. You can also easily filter and export your Job Archive to a CSV file for any reporting that your boss’s boss may want to see. This is also perfect for accounting - they can import the spreadsheet right into whatever accounting tool they're using.

For the recipients, there’s no app to download, no account to make, no headache to have. When you send a dispatch, they simply receive a text with a link to their jobs. From that same link, they can let you know that the job’s done with one simple click. Their job is done, and you know it is, because it gets automatically updated on your end.

Simple, Intuitive Design

We designed Dispatchr to be as easy as sending a text. Use the same emojis you send your nephew to get your point across, or to communicate across language barriers! 👍

Our fully customizable jobs allow you to add all the relevant information your team needs to get the job done. Add locations, notes, or even tags to your jobs. All that information gets captured both in the dispatch, and in the Job Archive for easy tracking and transparency.

Dispatchr also allows you to stay flexible and update dispatches and their jobs on-the-fly. Need your job done on a different day? Simply drag and drop in the dashboard, then shoot off when you’re ready! You can also edit, duplicate, and delete jobs on your end.

Get Started

Think Dispatchr might be helpful for your or your team? We have plans for whatever kind of team or work you do. Sign up for a 14-day free trial and test it out! Want a more in depth demo? Contact us.